Fragrant clay garlands

Mother’s Day gift for a mother from a child’s heart

Thailand’s Mother’s Day is an annual event on August 12. In 2019 Na Tree Tara Riverside Resort celebrated a loving relationship between mothers and their kids by holding a fragrant clay garland-making workshop under expert supervision. Na Tree Tara holds this kind of workshop annually. We believe that for mother, a gift made by her kids is the most beautiful gift. The activity begins from 09.00-12.00 a.m.

The Siri Sompong Carandas-plum Farm

Visiting the carandas-plum farm belongs to “uncle Siri,” the owner of an organic plantation in Bang Khonthi district. See a wide variety of products processed from carandas-plum. Enjoy fabric dyeing activity under a shady atmosphere amidst a beautiful well-decorated garden with a chic photo corner. It’s far from Na Tree Tara, only a short ferry ride.

UNSEEN Thailand Wat Bang Kung

Take a boat to see “Unseen Thailand” Wat Bang Kung (Bang Kung Buddhist Temple). Visit Bote Prok Pho, an ancient Buddhist sanctuary covered with large tree roots that have supported the structure in fantastic shape for hundreds of years. Inside the refuge enshrined an image of Subduing Mara Buddha (Maravijaya Buddha), better known by villagers “Luang Por Bote Noi,” aka “Luang Por Nil Manee” aka “Luang Por Dam.” Great opportunity to appreciate Thai traditional art and to pay homage to Thai sacred items. Don’t miss out! Only five minutes from Na Tree Tara by boat.

Having fun with Zumba beats

Shake, shake, and burn fat with “Zumba Dance,” which is the most fun way to get exercise. Let every part of your body move along to the Zumba beats for new and colorful experience in exercising.

Making Merits at ten temples

Visiting peaceful Buddhist temples of Samut Songkhram

Learn Thai history through beautiful historical sites of each temple. Learn how to be blessed on the Buddhist path. It’s another memorable trip as a blessing for a happy life. Interested tourists, please contact us for more information.

Pulling Kids Out of School for Vacation

Family Ties Tour

Experience a nature classroom offering many activities from a mangrove exploration to a delicious meal in a fishing village, a Ratchaburi cultural walking tour, a pottery workshop at Ratchaburi’s Pottery Legend, a museum tour at “Na Satta” museum to see wax figures and learn more about Thai culture, a night with fireflies and more. Excellent for the whole family! If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Na Tree Tara ConCert Vol.1 Love Song by the River

Listening Golden Oldies

Happiness program at Tree Tara Riverside Resort in the tranquil atmosphere of Mae Klong Riverside brings everyone into beautiful oldies-goldies songs. On May 2, 2019, Na Tree Tara held the very impressive ConCert Vol.1 “Love Songs by Riverside” for our guests. The principal singers were veteran artists ‘Pan’ Paiboon Kiatkeawkaew and ‘Oui’ Rawiwan Chinda, whose famous song is “Good brother.”  We will hold the ConCert Vol.2 soon.

“Pomelo Cycling Route”

Cycling & Garden Visiting

On May 29, 2019, Na Tree Tara held the activity 2-Day-1-Night “Cycling & Garden Visiting” on “Bang Sakae-Na Tree Tara Pomelo cycling route.” The trip that started from Bang Sakae community, an area of conservation agriculture in Bang Sakae subdistrict led by Khun Wan and Khun Mu, the famous Thai biker love-birds and the authors of the book “Cycling Across the Dream: 2000 Days Around the World”.

Along the route, cyclists visited “the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center” to see a pomelo plantation. “Khao nam pueng” pomelo species cultivated in the center is one of the “economic plants” of the Bang Sakae sub-district as well as tangor, which grows well only in this area. After enjoying glasses of fresh “tangor” or “temple orange” juice, the cyclists moved to pay respect to a hundred-year sacred image Buddha “Luang Por Toh” and King Rama 5 shrine nearby. Finally, they passed through a natural track from coconut farms to “Mary Helps of Christians Church,” called in Thai “Wat Mae Phra Ong Upathum.” Interested in this type of group activity that gains a fresh perspective, please contact 093-5925635.

Thai Boxing with Music

Muay Thai-Style-Boxercise

Another morning activity at Na Tree Tara Riverside Resort that will bring everyone to boxercise. Have fun with “Muay Thai” styles with music. Stretch your body, extend your arms and your legs and release your energy in the fresh air. Better for your lungs and heart system.

Thai Sweets Making Workshop

Learn to Create Thai Desserts with Na Tree Tara

Taking a practice in making a delicious traditional Thai dessert “Cho Pakakrong” with dessert experts. A memorable experience that’s not everyone has a chance.