Restore balance at our Cherchon Spa for rejuvenation and relaxation. Our therapists will guide you on a sensorial journey with our spa treatments, sauna, steam room, and signature aquatic pool.

Aquatic Therapy (coming soon)

A gentle body therapy performed in warm water, it combines elements of massage, joint mobilization and muscle stretching. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated. The deeply relaxing effects of warm water and nurturing support combine with gentle movements along with rhythm of relaxing music and singing bowl help balancing your body, mind and soul and bring you to deep relaxation. The specific therapy effects include increased mobility and flexibility, muscle relaxation, fuller deeper breathing, reduction in anxiety and stress levels, decreased pain, improved sleep and digestion and a general sense of wellbeing.

Cherchon Signature Massage

Ease away the symptom of office syndrome, muscle pain, tightness of the neck, back, and shoulder. At Cherchon Spa we offer a full body massage performed by Thai traditional medicine professional, using special therapeutic oil with Thai massage technique combine with the unique of hot stone massage focus on trigger points to relieve stress, muscle tension, pain, strain, stiff neck. The thermal stone help to improve flow of energy and blood circulation.

Body Scrub

Uncover your hidden radiance. Eliminate dull and dead skin cells with special recipe body scrub from natural products, your body feels thoroughly smooth before being enveloped in a detoxify body wrap, preparing skin for maximum moisture nourishing absorption.

Thai Herbal Massage

The ancient healing treatment of Thai Herbal Pack, the ideal treatment to ease aches, pains, bruises. The body is compressed with warm special. Thai herbal pack combined with a special Thai Massage technique eases muscle tension, aches, and pains and gives a boost to the body’s energy level and blood circulation. After the treatment, you will enjoy your feeling of lightness.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

One of the best methods for treat after a long day of office work, Head, Shoulder & Scalp Massage provides deep relaxation to the stressed shoulder, stimulates blood circulation, and improves the functioning of the lymph system. A neck massage not only relieves neck pain but also provides relief to the shoulders, back, and head.

Aroma Therapy Massage

A body massage using special essential oils blended to the individual need that brings balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit, with the powerful therapeutic properties and the massage technique will improve blood circulation, relieves mental and physical fatigue, encourage lymphatic drainage, and offers a unique experience of relaxation. On the other hand, the very special base oil blended also contains rich emollients that leave the skin soft and rejuvenated.

Traditional Thai Massage

The ancient Thai wisdom of healing that passed down to become a world heritage, combining techniques of pressing and stretching without using massage oil aim relax the muscles tension and stimulate the blood circulation. Helps total relaxation.

Foot Massage

Healing treatment for balancing and revitalization starts with warm water with essential oils, herbs, and salt flowers, gently massage with herbal oil to stimulate the nervous system and pressing on acupressure point to reduce tension and promote blood circulation.

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient thermal stone massage technique, combine massage with thermodynamic benefits of warmed basalt stones and therapeutic quality of essential oils. The thermal stones help your muscles relax, improve blood circulation, relieve nervous fatigue and create the energy flow in the body.

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10:00 – 19:00 hrs. (Last Booking 17:00 hrs.)