Riverfront Terrace SIZE: 880 square meters

Na Tree Tara Riverside Resort can help create everything you want. The spacious area of ​​the multi-purpose waterfront that can accommodate 300 people and its romantic atmosphere suits the event such as weddings, parties, concerts, and more.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose area in the atmosphere close to nature, the Riverfront Terrace is the right place. Meet all needs.

Ballroom SIZE: 200 square meters

Na Tee Tara Riverside Resort provides full facilities to meet all the needs of successful leaders in the business world. Offering a meeting, seminar, event, activity, party, and more in the banquet hall and outdoor area beside the Mae Klong river.

We have activity areas within the building in a variety of sizes that can be adjusted. Great for a large group of up to 180 people. The outdoor space can accommodate up to 500 participants. Enjoy the natural experience by the river in a comfortable local style.

Multifunction SIZE Room: 85 square meters

A multi-function room can support various activities. Able to accommodate 25-30 people, including seminars, workshops, banquets, and much more. Through a glass wall, customers can touch a relaxing atmosphere surrounded and feel close to nature in a panoramic scene.

It’s another option of a freestyle activity with full facilities for the best quality and trustworthiness to impress participants who attend the event.