Our Story

Samut Songkhram

Nature hub near the city

Na Tree Tara is a full-service resort, including meeting rooms, restaurants, spas, and health programs. The name “Na Tree Tara” originated from the location where trees and streams are the heart of life, which later became the symbol of the resort under the concept of the second house. The resort’s architecture and area decoration including 42 rooms and 18 villas, giving inspiration for a relaxing lifestyle, far from the urban society but not from convenience. Besides, all activities at Na Tree Tara are the key to the body and mind healing with a simple way of life amid nature and closer to the original community.

Bang Khonthi District

The traditional way of life still exists in Bang Khonthi

Bang Khonthi district is not far from Amphawa District and Samut Songkhram province town. The distinctive feature of the area is the community’s river-centered lifestyle. Most people are self-employed based on their wisdom. They are gardeners, floating market traders, fishermen and also artists who create works of art from local materials. The community can still maintain its own culture and nature. Currently, Bang Khonthi is set by the Thai government as a green area. It is known as the most tranquil city in Samut Songkhram.


Service that cares about the community

Na Tree Tara places great importance on the community. We believe that a happy environment creates a supportive relationship between business and local people. The resort supports the local economy by selecting local ingredients to use. Also, we develop activities that allow outsiders to learn a simple lifestyle but reflect the wisdom of the people in the community that has been passed down for many generations. We consider the importance of ecology and the environment, which is another of our essential policies. We practice water and electricity saving to reduce the use of natural resources in the resort. Furthermore, we organize ecological campaign activities to reduce waste spilled into the natural environment.

Near tourist attractions

Neighbors of Na Tree Tara

Na Tree Tara Riverside Resort is situated in the middle of the coconut farm and a clump of trees. The location provides a freshness of greenery. Also, the resort is close to the vast Mae Klong river that makes every area of ​​Na Tree Tara so breezy. Besides, there are a lot of tourist spots in this area that are full of charm and charm. Stay at Na Tree Tara, and you will experience the fascinating natural atmosphere and enjoyable activities in communities that are convenient for traveling.