“Pomelo Cycling Route”

Cycling & Garden Visiting

On May 29, 2019, Na Tree Tara held the activity 2-Day-1-Night “Cycling & Garden Visiting” on “Bang Sakae-Na Tree Tara Pomelo cycling route.” The trip that started from Bang Sakae community, an area of conservation agriculture in Bang Sakae subdistrict led by Khun Wan and Khun Mu, the famous Thai biker love-birds and the authors of the book “Cycling Across the Dream: 2000 Days Around the World”.

Along the route, cyclists visited “the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center” to see a pomelo plantation. “Khao nam pueng” pomelo species cultivated in the center is one of the “economic plants” of the Bang Sakae sub-district as well as tangor, which grows well only in this area. After enjoying glasses of fresh “tangor” or “temple orange” juice, the cyclists moved to pay respect to a hundred-year sacred image Buddha “Luang Por Toh” and King Rama 5 shrine nearby. Finally, they passed through a natural track from coconut farms to “Mary Helps of Christians Church,” called in Thai “Wat Mae Phra Ong Upathum.” Interested in this type of group activity that gains a fresh perspective, please contact 093-5925635.