5 Things to Do to Immersive Local Culture Experience in Samut Songkhram

Cultural tourism is one of the best ways to create experiences and memories and connect with the local culture. In cultural tourism, you immerse yourself in the local culture rather than just visiting various tourist spots. It not only allows you to appreciate the places deeply but also helps you understand them on a profound level. 

Samut Songkhram: A Small, Charming City

Samut Songkhram is a small province hidden along the beautiful coastline of the Gulf of Thailand, located southwest of Bangkok. The province’s uniqueness lies in its location, where three types of water—freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater—converge. Despite being a small province, it is captivating, especially for those who want to experience the local culture through tourism. We have some fun tips to help you immerse yourself in an unforgettable cultural experience.

Let’s explore together what activities can allow us to experience and connect with the local culture when visiting the Samut Songkhram. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

1. Thai Wisdom

When it comes to Thai wisdom, it is considered a charm that easily captivates foreign tourists and makes them fall in love with Thailand. When visiting Samut Songkhram, there are activities and tourist attractions that should not be missed:

Amphawa Chai Pattananurak Project:

The Amphawa Chai Pattananurak Project promotes local culture and the community’s way of life while supporting self-sufficiency in agriculture as part of a sustainable economy. An interesting activity is the demonstration of traditional coconut sugar production, an occupation deeply rooted in the community of Amphawa. Visitors can learn about the entire process, from tapping coconut flowers to traditional coconut sugar boiling, and even have the opportunity to purchase various organic products derived from coconuts.

Baan Phaya So:

Baan Phaya So is a village that combines Thai musical arts with the art of carving fiddle into beautiful patterns. Using coconuts, considered a local product of Samut Songkhram, the villagers create fiddles with intricate carvings. An interesting activity here is witnessing the art of zither carving, which is not only rare but also an opportunity to learn about the coloring process of the fiddles.

2. Local Arts and Crafts

The easiest way to immerse ourselves in the local culture is to learn about various arts and crafts. Certainly, Samut Songkhram is a town rich in interesting arts that offer opportunities for learning and hands-on experiences. Whether it’s:

Ban Bencharong, Bangchang, Amphawa:

Ban Bencharong, Bangchang, gathers local wisdom in the production of Bencharong craft items. Visitors can learn about the development of production processes and technologies. A highly popular activity is the craft coloring session, where participants enjoy drawing colorful patterns on Bencharong items. These crafted items can also be purchased as souvenirs.

Amphawa Arts Roasting House:

Initially, this place was a coffee roastery, but it has been renovated into an activity space and an exhibition area for various art forms. It allows everyone to engage in artistic creation, making it the origin of the name “Arts Roasting House” (Roasting = coffee roasting, Arts = art).

3. Explore Thai Markets

Thailand is renowned for being a country with a plethora of diverse markets, and Samut Songkhram is no exception. Markets are a true reflection of the local way of life, showcasing a variety of authentic goods. Here are some markets that should not be missed:

Maeklong Railway Market:

If you’re tired of conventional markets, this one stands out as the ultimate solution. It is a market that captivates and attracts tourists worldwide, creating unforgettable memories and exciting experiences. Located along the railway tracks, as soon as the train approaches, vendors swiftly retract their awnings, and the train passes through closely. The activity here often involves capturing amazing photos with the passing train.

Things to do outside Bangkok: Highlights of Maeklong Railway Market

Things to do outside Bangkok:

Highlights of Talad Rom Hub - Maeklong Railway Market

Amphawa Floating Market:

This is the signature floating market of Samut Songkhram and Thailand. Here, you can learn about the culture and experience the lifestyle of the riverside community. Enjoy shopping for various items, from savory and sweet foods to souvenirs.

4. Savor Thai Cuisine

Thailand consistently ranks among the top countries with delicious and uniquely distinctive cuisine globally. Therefore, it’s a must to savor Thai food while learning about various cultures through hands-on experiences. It’s both enjoyable and delicious. I recommend:

Ranjuan Restaurant:

This is a traditional Thai restaurant where you can savor the delicious flavors through carefully selected local ingredients like mackerel fish, it is known for its specialties like salted fish with shredded pork, grilled pork marinated in coconut sugar, and other delightful dishes that capture the essence of Thai cuisine.

Mangrove, the working space cafe in Amphawa

Mangrove Café at Na Tree Tara Resort

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5. Morning Merit Making (Tak Bat)

Try waking up early for a bit to experience a spiritual journey that brings both satisfaction and an insight into the riverside way of life.

Na Tree Tara Resort:

A luxurious 4-star-riverfront resort by the river where guests have the opportunity to participate in Morning Merit Making in a serene riverside atmosphere. Monks will paddle a boat to receive alms in the morning, offering blessings for good luck and a fresh start to the new day.

To immerse yourself in the local way of life, it’s not just about traveling as a tourist but actively participating in various activities to deeply experience the authentic culture. Connecting with people and creating lasting, positive memories. If anyone desires such an experience, Samut Songkhram is conveniently located not far from Bangkok, taking only 1-1.30 hours to travel, making it easily accessible for a profound cultural immersion.

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